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Curricula of the Department are roughly classified into four categories:


(1) General Education Curriculum:
It falls within the scope of holistic education, and is also the core for college education and the cultivation of intellectuals.
(2) Digital Knowledge and Application Curriculum:
As a major curriculum of the Department, it aims at improving students’ information application ability, so as to facilitate the continuation and development of cultural undertakings.
(3) Cultural Administration and Marketing Curriculum:
As a major curriculum of the Department, it aims at cultivating students’ ability in designing and promoting cultural administration and cultural undertakings.
(4) Local and International Culture Curriculum:
As a featured curriculum of the Department, it is expected to improve exchange among and promotion of different cultures through interdisciplinary cultural awareness and experience, and to increase the depth and breadth of cultural creation ability.

For the purpose of postgraduate studies and preparation for career, students of the Department must accomplish graduation projects, internship, etc. prior to graduation. Detailed contents of curricula are set out in the 4-year Curricula Schedule and Curricula Map of the Department.


Features of Curricula and Two Micro Courses of the Department:

Based on basic curriculum of Humanities, supplemented by training through a series of major curricula including administration, culture, marketing and information application, the Department aims at cultivating talents who are competent in copywriting marketing, curating and planning, digital design and creation practice. Basic curricula included are: The History of World Culture, Digital Image Process, Introduction to Western Art, Marketing, Computer Editing and Practice, Introduction to Contemporary Art, Vector Graphic Application, Public Policy and Administration, Applied Programming, etc. Adaptive development model based on two micro courses has been further introduced, for translating the training through basic and featured curricula of the Department into students’ professional competence, hence cultivating talents with humanistic quality who are competent in cultural marketing and information application. Features and contents of the two micro courses of the Department are as described below, respectively:

(1) Cultural Marketing Micro Course:
It aims at cultivating professional talents who are competent in cultural undertakings and marketing planning and allowing students to access multicultural environment for implementing actual services and internships. Featured training curricula included are: Brand Management, Studio on Creative Planning and Design, Cultural Undertaking Internship, Popular Culture Program, Media and Communication, Curating and Planning and Practice, Culture & Creation Industry, and International Culture Program, etc.
(2) Digital Application Micro Course:
It aims at cultivating professional talents who are competent in digital creation and information application and enabling students to create digital works with cultural characteristics as well as carry out cultural packaging and promotional practice and other work. Featured training curricula included are: Video Edit Practice, E-Book Design and Application, Rapid Web Building Practice, Digital Computer Graphics Design, Contemporary Information Application Program, Action APP Contents Creation, Social Media and Data Analysis, Microfilm Production, etc.