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Prospects for the Future

Core Purposes

"To train talents in cultural affairs management with information ability"

The Department strives to cultivate students' core competencies as follows:

(1) Multicultural literacy and international outlook: through cultural and linguistic courses integrating cross-disciplinary cultural knowledge, cultivate talents in cultural affairs with international outlook.
(2) Cultural affairs planning and management capabilities: accumulate administrative and planning execution capabilities through cultural researches, marketing planning, policy courses and practical training.
(3) The application ability of information technology in cultural affairs: train students'  "information" application ability and strengthen their competence in cultural and industrial communication and data processing.
(4) Cultural industry marketing capability: Through the application of information software, improve the effectiveness of students' researches and dissemination of cultural knowledge, and accumulate the creativity and skills required for cultural affairs marketing.
Graduation Prospects
1.Further education
Graduates can pursue higher education whether in Taiwan or abroad to specialize in cultural research, multimedia, digital learning, museums and cultural assets, information management, literary industry, cultural marketing, regional research, public policy or cultural and artistic administration.
2. Employment
Graduates can engage in multicultural affairs, such as digital media, compilation, publishing, digital collection, or the planning, marketing and project execution in cultural industry, the marketing and project execution of cultural arts and performing groups, or the activity and project execution of museums, foundations and various non-governmental organizations. They can also take part in national public service examinations and serve in cultural unit departments of governments at all levels.