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Department Characteristic

To be on track with the polices concerning cultural assets, cultural administration and cultural industries, the department has established the following characteristics:

(1)  Enhance students’ humanistic literacy and accumulate their capability in cultural applications, planning and execution through cultural researches, cultural assets, administration and other courses and practical training.

(2)  Strengthen students' ability of information application to make them competent in information communication or data processing in cultural and information industries.

(3)  Enhance the effectiveness of students' researches or dissemination of humanistic knowledge and accumulate their creativity and skills needed for marketing planning in the cultural industry through the application of information software.

(4)  Cultivate talents with an international outlook to meet the needs of globalization and multicultural society by integrating cross-disciplinary humanistic knowledge into linguistic and multicultural training.


Educational Goal

" To cultivate students' cross-disciplinary literacy and integration abilities in humanities, arts, aesthetics, information etc. and to cultivate talents in cultural affairs of various fields through trainings of cultural and creative thinking and digital information application abilities "

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